Good iPhone Apps for Weight Loss and Nutrition

The iPhone has taken the world by storm and this phone that doubles as the ultimate portable computer has plenty of applications for you to help your fitness routine. Whether you are counting how many steps you walk or how many calories you eat at your local eatery there are hundreds of apps that let you discern how your fitness level is doing. Here are some of the best apps for your iPhone that will keep you in better shape and overall health.

Fitness Tracking

Everyone wants to know how well their new workout routine is going. WeightBot is a fairly simple app that lets you input your daily weight and then transfers that data into an easy-to-read graph of your progress.

See a monthly graph that details how much your weight has done down. Add your target weight loss to the mix and you see how much closer you are getting to the end or how much your progress can go if you keep up the current pace. Not big on bells and whistles, WeightBot is a fantastic way to monitor your progress in easy terms.


Wellness4One is an entire website dedicated to keeping track of everything you do to become better fit. Keep track of food and calorie intake, workouts, and your daily eating habits as you can access your own personal journal through an iPhone app.

The app works both ways as you can record what you eat or how you work out when you’re away from home and then connect to the website via your mobile device. When you get home to your PC to look on the computer your vital stats of the day out and about will be there, waiting for you.

Fitness Calculators

You can calculate just about anything these days including your fitness level, heart rate, and calories consumed. For those on the popular Weight Watchers diet plan, the iPhone has its own points calculator when you eat out or when you buy food.

Simply input how many calories, fat and fiber a particular food has and you have an instant readout as to how many points this food will cost you. Combine it with nutrition information about any restaurant food and you have the ultimate mobile app for Weight Watchers away from home.

Eating Out

Eating out is an essential part of a modern American life. No matter what chain restaurant you visit the Restaurant Nutrition app will keep you abreast of the calories that double cheeseburger or burrito will cost you.

Every new version of the app comes with updated information on restaurants as their menus change and new chains are added. Simply call up the restaurant on the app and find their food you want to eat and you will know the nutrition intake of that particular item.


Want to know what food additives do to your body? The Food Additives app can shed some light on what those long chemical names are in your food. Sources for the app include FDA sources and warnings about food additives and preservatives.

When you’re trying to figure out what food coloring Red #1027 is and what it may do to your body, this is a good place to start. The app makes good use of complicated information in easy-to-use language for normal speakers of English.