Top Ten Sports to Play for Weight Loss

Why Not Have Fun While Losing Weight?

Pretty much any sport can make you lose weight. However, there are some that do better than others. Certainly baseball, while entertaining, won’t help you lose as much weight at cycling. These are the top ten sports you should play in order to lose weight.

  1. Medic: Medic may be new to some of you, but it is my favorite sport. Medic is a variation of dodgeball, which is both incredibly intense, and incredibly chaotic. In Medic (also sometimes called Dr. Dodgeball), there are two teams of an even amount of players. Each team is put on one side of a room (which can be pretty much anything, from a paintball course to a gym). In gym games, there are usually mats put standing upright to act as blockades and cover. In laser tag facilities, or other “cover and kill” arenas, there would be no mats. Each team designates one team member as the “medic.” The game plays a lot like dodgeball except you can go anywhere, and hit anybody on the opposite team at any time (other than when “incapacitated” or “dead”.) However, if hit with a dodgeball (or a “sword” if allowed), the person is “incapacitated” and must fall to the floor when they are hit. The person deemed “medic” can rescue these fallen comrades by dragging them (or lifting them if they are powerful enough) to their side’s beginning area, which is equivalent to bringing them back to life. The game ends once all players are eliminated (which is much easier when the medic has fallen since no more players can be revived). This game, while sometimes short, can be an incredible experience, and incredibly aerobic. I’ve seen back flips, wall jumping, and even suicide diving all in order to get a hit, or avoid being hit. In a field of competitive players, rounds can go on for over a half hour.
  2. Squash: Squash is often seen as an executive’s game, meaning only high paid businessmen play it. However, that is not the case. Squash is a rapid, sometimes dangerous game, where, in simplest terms, a player hits a ball onto a wall and the other person hits it back. Truly a game of quick reflexes and quick wit, you’ll find anyone playing this game to be sprinting back and forth the court and often diving for the ball. Squash is a great way to lose weight for anyone who has great reflexes.
  3. Rugby: American football is often considered to be the roughest of all sports. The people who consider this true have never seen rugby. Rugby is somewhat like football, but cranked to eleven. This means more playing time, harder tackles, more running, and less breathing time. Rugby will bruise you up, and honestly, may result in a few broken bones. However, rugby will also build muscles quickly, and cause you to lose weight fast. For those that don’t mind physical altercations, Rugby may be the sport for you.
  4. Swimming: Have you noticed any overweight professional swimmers? Neither have I. I’ve noticed some bulky football players, and even the occasional fat pitcher, but I’ve never seen an active swimmer who put on a few pounds. Perhaps it’s because more effort is exerted moving through water than air. Perhaps because it’s always harder to play sports in water than out of it. Whatever the reasons, swimming is a fantastic way to lose weight. Just try not to get pruney.
  5. Hockey: Hockey players move often and shoot hard. They have to. So it’s not surprise that playing hockey would make this list. Whether on skates or not (I prefer not), the amount of movement involved in hockey is amazing. Perhaps the best part about it, is that when playing hockey, the less amount of skill and experience of the people playing, the more weight you’ll lose. Every time you miss a pass, you run across the rink. Every time you take a missed shot, your opponent can get it and you’ll run across the rink. It can sometimes be frustrating, but it’s always fun.
  6. Skiing: Amateur skiing is a workout, just imagine if you did it for a living? Recreational skiing at a resort will help you lose a lot of weight, and fairly quickly. However, if you want a great body in record time, get into the competition aspect of skiing. For the best workout in winter, try cross-country skiing. You’ll work almost every muscle in your body. The best part? You won’t feel so cold when you’re sweating so much.
  7. Track: I used the work track because it encompasses every type of running available. Sprinting? Check. Marathons? Check. Hurdles? Check. Everybody knows running helps with weight loss. Need I say more?
  8. Cycling: Lance Armstrong may have made it famous in the States, but riding a bicycle is no new thing. You’ll gain great leg muscles, gain lots of stamina, and be able to get from place to place without polluting. As a sport, cycling may seem boring, but cycling can involve betting your friend that you’ll get to the bottom of your street before he does. Cycling gets high on this list because almost everyone has a bike, and it can be ridden in almost any place in almost any weather. There’s nothing to really learn if you learned to bike as a kid, and it’s an easy way to have fun while living your daily life.
  9. Basketball: Basketball is hard. Running back and forth on the court, using your arms for shooting and dribbling, and jumping for baskets all equal weight loss. Besides Shaq, can you name any husky basketball players? Plus, in America, basketball is the easiest game to just pick up and play. If you go to the local basketball court, there’ll already be people playing, and you can easily get in on the action. If you are shy, basketball hoops are fairly inexpensive, and can be placed above garages with ease. Although, you won’t lose as much weight playing by yourself, you’ll be able to practice enough to have the confidence to join a pick up game.
  10. Soccer: Anyone who has played soccer knew this was going to be first on the list. In fact, anyone who has even seen soccer probably knew it was going to be first on the list. Soccer (known as football anywhere else except America) is the most popular sport in the world. It’s both intense and long, which is the perfect recipe for weight loss. It’s like basketball, except the field is longer, and there is often only one point scored the entire game. Soccer combines running, kicking, and cost efficiency all into one neat package. If you want to lose weight, play soccer. It’s that simple.

Practically every sport can be used to lose weight, but these will get you there faster. However, that’s not to say you should play these sports and only these sports. You may be naturally better, or naturally fit to play another sport. You may enjoy another sport more. Sports should be about having fun first, and everything else second. So if soccer isn’t your cup of tea, try golf. It may not burn as many calories, but it may just be a lot more fun.